Derek Peiper Memorial Cup 2016

With another tournament down for the year 2016, this Derek Peiper Memorial Cup was epic for Aj, with a boatload of saves in 6 games, splitting some time with Ritchie, who also played well, only allowing a few goals in this weekend as well...  Aj, along with his Epic saves also only allowed 3 goals all weekend... had 2 shutouts one which was the Championship game... How epic is this, the 2 best teams in the tournament and he shut one out... Then to top it all off He gets the Tournament MVP... Great Job !!! I love you son...





About AJ Tallagsen

Position: Goalie  Height: 6'3" Weight: 215 lbs. HS Team: Pasco Warriors

Last Years Record: 9-4 GPA: 3.0 Graduation Year: 2018